Safety and Security

The MINE WARZ team will NEVER request your passwords, security keys, security questions or security passphrases. This information should always be privately secured.

Program Execution Error

  • Errors may occur if programs designed to circumvent normal operations, such as macro programs, are installed.

  • Using an emulator can also lead to errors.


Q. Web3 Tell me more about MINE WARZ tokenomics.

  • You can check the details here (link).

Q. What blockchain does MINE WARZ use?

  • MINE WARZ is onboarded on the HAVAH chain. However, our goal is to not be confined to any specific blockchain and to enable the utilization of all NFTs across various platforms.

  • MINE WARZ is a simple mining tycoon and GameFi project showcasing blockchain interoperability.

  • We aim to provide in-game utility to all NFTs across the world. Only whitelisted NFTs will have access at first but development will progress to include more NFTs in the future.


Q. How is MINE WARZ different from other games?

  • MINE WARZ allows the transfer of NFTs from other chains through the 'HAVAH Mitter', enabling them to be used as Pioneer characters in the MINE WARZ app. Also, unlike other games that are complex and time-consuming, you can enjoy the game and mine gold with just a few taps each day.

Q. Where can I find MINE WARZ gameplay instructions?

  • You may find extensive video and text instructions here (link).

Q. What should I do if the mining is not working?

  • Have you added and activated Mining Rights? In order to start applying the Mining Right, you have to first tap on within your 'Inventory' and then 'Activate' it.

  • Check out the link below for more information: https://docs.minewarz.io/how-to-play/guide/mining

Q. It seems like gold transportation is not working. Can you tell me how to fix this?

Q. I can't pack the Gold I've earned.

Q. It seems like my Gold amount has decreased. The amount is different from yesterday. Where can I find detailed information?

  • You might have lost some Gold through another player’s attack. Check your Attack Records!

Q. Can I attack more? I failed in revenge and want to attack multiple times.

  • If you have used all your Attack Tickets, you can attack more by spending Gold.

Q. Can I avoid being attacked? I won't be able to log-in to MINE WARZ for a while and can't do the revenge, so I don't want to be attacked.

  • You can't avoid attacks, but if you pack all your gold, you won't lose it.

Q. What advantages come with leveling up Mining Rights?

  • Combining Mining Rights of the same level results in an upgraded Mining Right. (Note: Upgrading Mining Rights incurs a specific Gold cost.) This upgraded Mining Right boosts your Mining Power (MP), thereby increasing your Mining Capacity. As your MP rises, your Mining Capacity increases accordingly.

  • The level of Mining Rights impacts not only your Mining Power (MP) but also determines the number of equipable slots and the defensive rounds available.

Q. Could you elaborate on the usage of each 'Stat'? Please provide an overview of these attributes.

  • Within MINE WARZ, there exist 4 Stats: Luck, Silver Tongue, Stamina, and Intuition.

  • Each Pioneer NFT is randomly assigned these stats. By allocating stats to your Pioneer NFT, you may enhance your mining capabilities.

    1. Luck: This stat reflects your luck, influencing favorable discoveries or situations.

    2. Silver Tongue: Demonstrates your persuasive abilities, leading to increased profits during trade transactions.

    3. Stamina: Vital for every task, especially for enduring long journeys. Higher stamina decreases the likelihood of tiring quickly.

    4. Intuition: Represents your sharp instincts, minimizing failure probabilities and potentially aiding in discovering new elements.

Technical Requirements

Q. I can’t check the existing Gold in my HAVAH wallet.

Q. I can't check the existing MZT in my HAVAH wallet.

  • You need to click the β€˜Import Token’ button and enter the token address of MZT to add it.

  • The token address for MZT is cx72926867b340770eb0be4e4ef7c49d8a9b04d608.

Q. Is it possible to play the game without a PC?

  • MINE WARZ can be played with just the app. However, if you need to use NFTs or convert gold, for Android OS, there are browsers that support Chrome extensions like MISES, allowing you to install the HAVAH wallet. However, using a PC is recommended.

Q. Can I access the HAVAH wallet using iOS?

  • Currently, the HAVAH wallet is exclusively accessible via a Chrome extension on a PC.

Q. I can't see Gold on the web.

  • You'll be able to see your Gold on the web once you pack the transported Gold. Unpacked Gold can be viewed within the app.

Q. I'm having trouble connecting my wallet to the MINE WARZ web. What should I do?

  • You can connect multiple HAVAH wallets to one MINE WARZ account. In another word, each wallet can only be linked to one account.

  • So, if you're encountering connection problems, please check whether the wallet causing a connection problem has already been linked to another MINE WARZ account.


Q. Is it necessary to purchase an NFT to begin playing the MINE WARZ game?

  • No, purchasing NFTs is not mandatory. You can still enjoy MINE WARZ without owning NFTs. However, it's important to note that your mining capacity might be limited if you don't have any NFTs.

Q. What are the specific benefits of owning a Mining Right NFT (vs. non-NFT)?

  • Through equipping a Mining Right NFT, your Mining Power(MP) will increase. This will enable you to mine a larger quantity.

Q. How can I obtain a Mining Right?

Q. I just bought a Mining Right NFT on HAVAHswap - how do I transfer my Mining Right NFT from HAVAH wallet to MINE WARZ?

Q. If I bring my NFT to MINE WARZ, will it get stuck in the MINE WARZ chain?

  • No, you can freely move your NFT after registering it for the first time in the MINE WARZ app.

Q. I have a Buddy NFT but can't register it on the web.

  • Please check your Buddy NFT's contract address here: https://docs.minewarz.io/usable-nft-collection/buddies-nfts

  • If the contract address matches, please submit a customer service request with your wallet address, collection name, and collection contract.


Q. Can I take the mining resources from the game to the outside?

  • Gold can be converted as MZT, and Mining Rights can be converted as NFTs.

  • However, other in-game items that can be obtained have not yet been tokenized as NFTs, but we are considering ways to export them out externally in the future.

Q. I'm curious about the MZT ↔️ Gold conversion method.

Q. How can I earn gold in MINE WARZ?

  • There are two primary methods to acquire gold.

    1. Firstly, you can obtain it through in-game mining.

    2. Secondly, you have the option to convert MZ Tokens into Gold on the MINE WARZ website.

Q. Where can I find MZ Tokens?

  • MZT, which operates on the HVH chain, is available on HAVAHswap.

  • Additionally, HVH can be acquired through platforms like SWFT and is listed on exchanges such as Bybit and Bithumb.


Q. Is there an official community where gamers can mingle?

  • Yes. Meet numerous minerz and play together in the MINE WARZ Discord! MINE WARZ Discord: https://discord.gg/minewarz (Use this link to invite others to our discord!)

Q. I can't find the app in the market.

Q. I want to add our NFT collection as Buddy NFTs in MINE WARZ. Whom should I contact?

  • Please contact us at our business email: [minewarz@minewarz.io].

Q. Where should I contact for business inquiries?

  • Please email us at [minewarz@minewarz.io].

Q. Can I inquire via email?

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