• Collection Name : ArcheWorld_FandomCard

  • Introduction : ArcheWorld is the first seamless open-world PC MMORPG that applies blockchain technology. It recognizes players' unique ownership of in-game assets through land and equipment item NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and allows players to generate revenue through gameplay using the in-game currency, BSLT (BlueSalt) tokens. The game notably expanded its services with the successful launch of Asia's first server in September 2022, followed by the launch of servers 1 and 2 in North America in April 2023, and the addition of Asia's second server in July 2023.

  • Chain : Klaytn

  • Contract Address

    • Original Contract : 0xBAf8864EE1b5f2bE3dCd637203AEd524b86db4e4

    • HAVAH Contract : cx49ef7f5c5cbe1cd49fd8352cb97ce3abb878f414

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