1. MINE WARZ Tokenomics Basic Information

  • In the MINE WARZ ecosystem, a utility token called MZ Token is used.

  • In MINE WARZ, MZ Tokens are converted to Gold for use.

  • The conversion rate between MZ Token and Gold is fixed but not at a 1:1 ratio.(For details on MZ Tokens, please refer to the MZ Token submenu.)

  • MINE WARZ considers a month to be 30 days; therefore, a year is calculated as 360 days, not 365 days.

2. Token Allocation

The token distribution is comprised of "Ecosystem", "Reserve", "Team", "Sales", "Partner/Advisor", "System operation" and "Mine to Earn."

  • Ecosystem: Allocated for activities deemed necessary for expanding the ecosystem, such as marketing and events.

  • Reserve: For DEX liquidity provision and to prepare for various circumstances, including emergencies.

  • Team: Allocated for the project development team.

  • Sales: For fundraising to facilitate project operations.

  • Partner/Advisor: For supporting collaborations and various partnerships.

  • System operation: Used for the resource of the in-game event, Mystery Box, and the operation of in-game systems.

  • Mine to Earn: Allocated for gamers playing the game.

3. Token Economy System

(1) Dynamic Inflation Center

  • The Dynamic Inflation Center is a system that adjusts the quantity of Gold distributed based on the level of game activity.

  • The level of game activity is calculated based on World Total Mining Power (WTMP). If WTMP falls below a certain level, a portion of the planned daily issuance will not be released and will be moved to the Burning Pool for destruction.

  • Additionally, the Dynamic Inflation Center adjusts the amount of Gold that can be distributed per 1 Mining Power depending on WTMP levels.

  • Generally, as WTMP increases, the amount of Gold distributed per 1 Mining Power owned by the user is increased, thus encouraging the increase of WTMP.

  • Therefore, as user engagement increases according to the operations of the Dynamic Inflation Center, the amount of Gold that each individual user can be allocated will also increase.

(2) Revenue Stream and Reserve Pool Description

In MINE WARZ, not only on-chain tokens like MZT and HVH but also Gold used within the game are transferred to the Reserve Pool based on predefined ratios for their respective intended uses.

  • Partnership Reserve: A fund specifically allocated to contribute to the Partnership ecosystem.

  • Burning Pool: A fund that holds MZ Tokens for the sole purpose of deflation, meaning these tokens will not re-enter circulation.

  • Loyalty Pool: A fund designated to enhance the value of MZ Tokens and the project.

  • Lifecycle Fund: A reserve that accumulates assets for future distribution, ensuring that tokens can still be earned through gameplay after all 690 million designated tokens have been distributed via Mine To Earn.

  • Treasury: Tokens accumulated in the treasury are considered as project revenue.

4. Mining Power

  • In MINE WARZ, owning Mining Power allows you to mine in the Major zone. Without Mining Power, you can still mine for Gold in the Public zone.

  • Mining Power can be acquired by equipping a mining right, and the amount of Gold you receive is proportional to your share of Mining Power.

  • Users without a mining right are eligible to receive a share of Gold from the Mine to Earn pool in the Public zone. This share is within the limit of Gold available and is divided by the number of users without mining rights (1/n).

  • If a user without a mining right fails to log in for more than 7 days, they will be excluded from receiving Gold from the distribution pool.

  • To provide players with attack targets, NPCs will be present in each mining area.

  • Players can loot resources from NPCs, but NPCs cannot attack players. Surplus Gold mined by NPCs will be burned, contributing to deflation.

โ€ป Additional details about Mining Power will be provided in a forthcoming section..


ยท The game's tokenomics is subject to change until the game is officially launched.

ยท In the event that a critical issue arises that needs to be addressed for the ecosystem, the project team can propose changes to the tokenomics, which will then be decided upon by a vote from ecosystem participants.

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