• Collection Name : DeDollz-Season1

  • Introduction : Carrieverse is a metaverse platform where Carrie and her friends live together. Users can play games, decorate their own homes, and engage in various social activities within the platform, allowing them to participate in economic activities similar to real life. Carrieverse is also making efforts to integrate various IPs. The entire ecosystem of Carrieverse, evolving into an IP and NFT-based content metaverse, will be driven by $CVTX.

  • Chain : Polygon

  • Contract Address

    • Original Contract : 0xFdf8Af1Bd9914fe6D988AEbA9cd5eCBB58ee9337

    • HAVAH Contract : cx97a837af6d2817d718d2c45aa679abbdadab7363

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