"Riches… More Riches!"

The Lucky Magnate Papa was the first to strike riches in the mines, but his newfound wealth didn’t go unnoticed by his friends. Driven by envy, they plotted against him and set the stage for the beginnings of MINE WARZ.

Players joining MINE WARZ will journey through the Wild West of the Gold Rush era.

Competition over Mining Rights will be fierce, alliances will come and go, and the rush to riches will be fueled by a race to maximize output through more Mining Rights and better gear. Sound strategy will be key to protecting your assets.

You will be under constant threat of your enemies who can strike at any moment.

The competitive landscape will be suspenseful but the rewards will be great, and the game’s economy will provide for an engaging experience. MINE WARZ sets the stage for players to take part in an all new and exciting GameFi experience.

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