Activate your Buddy NFTs

[Guide] How to Equip Buddy NFTs and An Introduction to the Buddy NFT Activation Program

Do you have a Buddy NFT?

Connect the wallet containing your Buddy NFT to HAVAH Mitter.

HAVAH Mitter Link β–Όβ–Όβ–Ό

Then, enter the HAVAH Wallet address where you wish to receive your Buddy NFT.

HAVAH Wallet Installation Link β–Όβ–Όβ–Ό

Verify that the Buddy NFT has been successfully received through HAVAH Scan.

It's easiest to search HAVAH Scan using the name of your collection. If you don’t know what this is, you can always search with your HAVAH Wallet address as well.

HAVAH Scan Link β–Όβ–Όβ–Ό

Once confirmed, go to the MINE WARZ homepage to equip your Buddy NFT.

MINE WARZ Homepage Link β–Όβ–Όβ–Ό

Can’t equip your Buddy NFT?

You might be the first person from your NFT collection to join MINE WARZ.

The MINE WARZ team is running an event called Activate your Buddy NFTs, offering a special reward to the first person from each NFT collection to join MINE WARZ using their Buddy NFT.

Please fill out the survey in the link below if this happens to be you.

Survey Form Link β–Όβ–Όβ–Ό

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