Using PFP NFTs

  1. Click on the MINE WARZ web profile icon to log in.

  1. Log in to the MINE WARZ website and connect your HAVAH Wallet.

šŸ“Œ The wallet button will be activated on the top right of the screen after logging in. šŸ“Œ While multiple wallets can be linked to an account, a single wallet cannot be linked to multiple accounts.

  1. Click on the hamburger icon on the top left of the screen. Click on [Camp] to see your Mining Right and Pioneer (Profile Card).

  1. Open the [Pioneer (Profile Card)] tab and click the [Add Pioneer] button on the bottom.

  1. Select the PFP NFT that you wish to add and click the [Add Pioneer] button.

  1. Once the loading page is displayed as below, click the [Sign] button in the Authentication Requests pop-up window from your HAVAH wallet.

  1. Check your newly added PFP NFT from the [Pioneer (Profile Card)] tab.

  1. Return to the MINE WARZ app and click the [PROFILE] tab. Then, click the [New Pioneer] button.

  1. Select the PFP NFT you wish to equip, then click the [Equip] button to use your PFP NFT.

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