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· Allocation of Mineable Resources The mineable amount for each individual player is tallied from 22:00 to 24:00 of the previous night and determined by the ratio of a user’s Mining Power. Users with higher Mining Power will be allocated a higher mineable amount, and mining will automatically begin after the mineable amount is determined.

If in-game mining activity does not reach a certain level, only a portion of the total mineable resources will be allocated to the M2E pot (mine to earn pot), and the remainder will be stored in the game’s Loyalty pool.

· Mining by Users Without Mining Right NFTs Mining Right NFTs are not required to mine resources in MINE WARZ. Those without Mining Rights will be able to mine from the game’s Public Zone. 14% of the M2E pot will be allocated to the Public Zone, and the remainder will be allocated across different zones.

· Mining Power Mining Power is determined by the number and level of the Mining Rights a player holds, which directly affects daily mining capacity, access to different Zones, and governance voting power. Additionally, within the same Zone, the difference in mining power determines the looting rate. Additionally, the highest level of the Mining Rights owned dictates the number of Mining Right slots available and defense rounds in the game.

· Mining Zones Mining zones are divided into a Public zone and five tiered zones graded from A to E. Tiered zones can be accessed once a user reaches a certain level of Mining Power.

· Warehouse Mined Gold is stored in the player’s Warehouse and subject to looting by other players prior to its transportation.

· Looting and Defending Mined Gold that hasn’t been transported to a safe location is subject to looting by other players. Lootable targets are limited to players that are in the same zone, and the maximum amount of lootable Gold is adjusted according to differences in Mining Power between players. Players can loot other players for free up to five times per day. Additional looting rounds will incur fees. The outcome of a looting round will depend on the attacker’s Intuition stat and the defender’s Fortune stat. Defense levels are determined by the highest level of a player’s Mining Right NFT.

· BOT With the exception of the Public Zone, each zone will have 49 or 50 bots that will serve as lootable targets. Bots are exclusively the subject of looting, and do not attack players. Gold held by bots until the next mining cycle will be burned, thereby contributing to deflation.

· Transportation Gold must be transported at scheduled times to ensure its safe storage. A total of 8 transportations are available each day, more fees will be required the more Gold is transported each day. Transportation schedules must be fixed by 22:00 and will be applied at 24:00 each day.

· Revenge Players who’ve been looted of their gold can seek revenge against their attackers. If the attacker has Gold in their possession, players can loot their attacker’s stash to retrieve a portion of their stolen Gold.

· Exploration Exploration grants users the chance to acquire Gold, Attack Tickets, and other in-game items. The odds are low, but players will also have the chance to acquire Lv. 1 Mining Right NFTs through exploration. More items will be made available through exploration in the future.

· Exchanging Gold <-> MZ Tokens Gold and MZ Tokens can be exchanged through the game’s website. The game’s in-app Gold reserve does not appear on the web. In-app Gold reserves must be packed through the game’s Trading Post before it appears on the web. Gold that’s sent to the web can be exchanged for MZ Tokens. On the other hand, Gold converted from MZ Tokens must first be unpacked through the game’s Trading Post in order to be used in the game.

· PFP NFTs (Pioneer NFT) Buddy NFTs brought into the game can be used as playable characters. These newly created characters must draw stats that impact the success rate of different playable content in the game.

· JJack Shot JJack Shot will be used to distribute pooled resources from the game. The specifics of this content will be announced at a later date.

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