🟢Pocket Battles: NFT War

  • Collection Name : Pocket Battles: NFT War - NFT Heroes

  • Introduction : Pocket Battles: NFT War is a casual strategy battle game where players can collect and nurture various heroes and mercenaries of different ranks to create their own powerful army and participate in battles. The game allows combinations of 12 types of hero NFTs, 19 types of general heroes, and 39 types of mercenaries. Players can earn a substantial amount of Pocket Stones (PKS) through daily quests, the integrated arena, and the Pocket Championship, a tournament exclusively for hero NFT holders. These PKS can then be exchanged for Miverse Play Tokens (MPL).

  • Chain : Meverse

  • Contract Address

    • Original Contract : 0xdcabcf21ec7422e975508d60163b2c029ac25d9c

    • HAVAH Contract : TBA

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