• Collection Name : Norma in Metaland official

  • Introduction : 'NORMA IN METALAND' is a mobile and web browser (PC) game that enhances the playing experience by integrating Web3 technology into the proven gameplay of 'Cooking Adventure', operated by Grampus. It features a unique incentive system where players can earn 'Candy' based on their gameplay results. Additionally, the game offers a Friendship Bonus, where equipping NORMA NFTs and seasonal Friends NFTs activates buff effects in the game. It also includes the 'World Chef Championship', where GRAM DAO participates in some operations, providing new experiences not found in traditional Web2 games.

  • Chain : Klaytn

  • Contract Address

    • Original Contract : 0x82de4ee1cc954be30de6642c77a0f7be7f22a305

    • HAVAH Contract : cx58a565ffcd73921f7868b5507913467ba31363dc

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