If you take control of a mine, you can gather resources through mining in the world of Mine Warz. Compete in Mining Power with other mine owners and gather more resources.

However, don't worry if you don't own a mine. MINE WARZ features a separate mode for users who do not own a mine, ensuring anyone can play without any prior preparation.

If you wish to gather more resources than other users, you can enhance your Mining Power by upgrading your mine.

Compete in Mining Power with other mine owners and collect more resources.

And expand your own mining empire.


  • Mining doesn’t require manual controls and is performed automatically in the game. Individual mineable amounts are determined by a player’s Mining Power, which is found in the Home tab in the App.

  • Mining Power also determines a player’s Mining Zone, and each Zone has an allocated portion of the total supply of Gold that will be mineable by each player according to their Mining Power.

  • Player’s with higher Mining Power will be placed in higher tiered Mining Zones that are allocated with higher daily mineable amounts.

  • Mining Rights can be leveled up by merging two Mining Right NFTs of the same level from the Item tab.

  • Miner Energy: Mining Right effects will automatically apply to a user's miner in the mines once the Mining Right is equipped. However, as time passes, the Miner Energy of the Mining Right will be consumed and result in a drop in mining efficiency once energy levels dip below a certain threshold. Users will need to spend recovery items in order to raise mining efficiency back to normal levels. (β€» Miner Energy will not be consumed during Beta Launch.)

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