Verifying holder role

MINE WARZ Official link =

MINE WARZ Discord community link =

  1. Click on the MINE WARZ web profile icon to log in. ▼

  1. Click the profile icon again.

  2. Click the [Holder Verification] menu. ▼

  1. If you have already joined the official MINE WARZ Discord community, please click the [Verify Holder Role on Discord] button. If you haven't joined yet, click the [JOIN DISCORD] button to sign up. ▼

  1. Authorize an external application bot to access my Discord account.

  2. Now, you can check your holder role in the official MINE WARZ Discord community. For a higher-level role, upgrade your Mining Right in-game and click the [Update Holder Role on Discord] button below. ▼

※ Notes

The Discord role based on the maximum level of the Mining Right is subject to change.

Highest Level of Mining Right EquippedDiscord role

Level 1

LV1 Miner

Level 2

LV2 Miner

Level 3

LV3 Miner

Level 4

LV4 Miner

Level 5

LV5 Miner

Level 6

LV6 Miner

Level 7

LV7 Miner

Level 8

LV8 Miner

Level 9

LV9 Miner

Level 10

LV10 Ultimate tycoon

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