Looting (Attack and Revenge)

MINE WARZ users can steal resources from each other. The process of defending and stealing is carried out through a simple process, and you'll be fully immersed in the excitement.


  • Players can acquire Gold not only through mining but also looting.

  • Players can engage in looting by using Attack Tickets.

  • When Attack Tickets are not available, players can still loot by paying a fee, which increases with each attack proportionally to the expected profit.

  • Players can use Attack Tickets to attack other players found on their attack list and acquire Gold from other players if the attack is successful.

  • Once a player is attacked, they will not be attacked again for 10 minutes.

  • Gold acquired through looting will be pooled in the same pot as their auto-mined, pre-transported Gold. Looted Gold must also be transported to keep it safely stored away.

  • If a player is attacked, players can seek revenge against their attackers who will appear on their list of attackers.

  • Attack that fails in the first round are exluded from being targets of Revenge.

  • Players who are attacked can take Revenge up to 2 times. On the other hand, attackers can counter-revenge once.

For example, if the initial attacker is [A] and the person attacked is [B], the sequence is as follows: A attacks B, B retaliates against A for the first revenge, A counter-retaliates against B, and B has the final revenge against A.

A -> B (Initial Attack) B -> A (First Revenge) A -> B (Counter-Revenge) B -> A (Final Revenge)

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