🟢Drawshop Kingdom Reverse

  • Collection Name : Drawshop Kingdom Reverse

  • Introduction : Drawshop Kingdom Reverse (DKR) is a metaverse game incorporating DAO-based NFT, P2E (Play to Earn), and GameFi elements. In the DKR World, players can use the Gacha Contract to create their own NFT draw-machines or enjoy the Land Festival with other global users. The game allows for both direct and indirect competition with other players through strategic management. Additionally, players can create their own 2D dot-based Art Galleries to decorate their Land. The DKR team has notably attracted investment from Crust Universe and includes professionals from global gaming companies such as Krafton and PATI Games, who are collaboratively developing the DKR World.

  • Chain : Klaytn

  • Contract Address

    • Original Contract : 0x253ebdb767f18002a22cbb26176356efeb0bf641

    • HAVAH Contract : TBA

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