Pioneer and Stats

If you own a PFP NFT, you can use it in the world of MINE WARZ. You'll see your PFP NFT being used and growing in the world of MINE WARZ.

In the long run, MINE WARZ envisions utilizing all NFTs in the world. We may not be able to accommodate this vision from the start, but we will gradually work towards our goal, one step at a time.


  • You can add PFP NFTs held in your HAVAH wallet to MINE WARZ in-game as a Pioneer, which means using them as in-game characters.

  • Each Pioneer is randomly assigned stats. These stats influence the probability of triggering special abilities while playing the game’s features, including Attack, Defense, Transport, and Exploration.

  • Luck : This stat represents your luck. You can expect fortunate discoveries or situations from this.

  • Silver Tongue : You have a way with words. This stat allows you to gain more profits from trades.

  • Stamina : You need stamina for any task. The higher this stat, the less likely you will tire easily, even during long journeys.

  • Intuition : This represents your keen sense. This Stat will help you reduce the probabaility of failure and you might receive help in discovering new things.

Skill activation probability

The probability of a successful attack is 1/N. By default, N is 2, which means a 50% chance of success. However, if a Luck or Intuition skill activates, N can become 1 (resulting in a 100% chance of success) or 3 (resulting in a 33.3% chance of success).

Originally, the plan was to not disclose the probability of skill activation, but due to high interest, I will reveal some details.

Here are the skill activation probabilities when each stat is at level 30: - Mystery Box occurrence: 12.95% (Luck) - Additional round defense: 20.26% (Luck) - Waiver of transport fees: 10.23% (Silver Tongue) - Increase in tap reduction time: 8.63% (Stamina) - Removal of round failure: 6.76% (Intuition) - Additional exploration rewards: 12.95% (Intuition)

According to the update direction, the probability of skill activation may change.

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