• Collection Name : Blue Matty Statue

  • Introduction : MetaBeat is a Fan-to-Earn, music community NFTFI (NFT + SOCIAL FI) platform powered by real assets, such as music content itself. Starting with KPOP, MetaBeat will drop community NFT for fans to grow with their artists as their rewards and engagement increases on the platform. Through fair distribution of rewards for fan activity and empowerment of the community, under DAO governance, MetaBeat aims to become a top web3 music NFT platform.

  • Chain : Polygon

  • Contract Address

    • Original Contract : 0x6Fa08D05E5A902280492202799d0E98b1a19B079

    • HAVAH Contract : cx4bc6bbc1276a48e4994ce77a8aa611689857fcc7

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