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The vision of MINE WARZ Team

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    About the WEB3 gaming market The WEB3 gaming market has grown significantly without considering the differences between the main user bases of traditional blockchain games and conventional game markets. This can be problematic as each user base has different demands and expectations. Numerous games have attempted various methods to overcome the drawbacks of the WEB3 gaming model, and these efforts are ongoing. This situation implies that the WEB3 gaming market is still in its early stages, exploring its potential and limitations.
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    About the NFT market The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market is tied to specific blockchain ecosystems, often leading to a project's success or failure being determined by the state of the mainnet market. This is because projects using NFTs are influenced by the conditions of their respective blockchains. The NFT market also faces numerous issues due to a lack of usability. This has led to demands for projects to move to the mainnet and for NFTs to be given utility. This reflects market demand for NFTs to carry more than just ownership, but also tangible value and utility.
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    The solution from MINE WARZ MINE WARZ, based on the blockchain ecosystem, believes it can meet both the issues of the NFT market and the demands of the WEB3 market simultaneously. One of our main strategies is to enable the use of all NFTs within the game. This means not only the NFTs directly issued by the MINE WARZ team but also those issued by other projects can be utilized within MINE WARZ. In the long term, we aim to enable the use and trade of all NFTs, contributing to the activation of the NFT market.
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    The vision of MINE WARZ The vision of the MINE WARZ team is to create a novel yet user-friendly WEB3 game. We will not impose a boring and uninteresting experience on our users, even though we understand what they want. The starting point of MINE WARZ is to provide a game that accurately understands and meets the demands of the members of the WEB3 gaming ecosystem. Through this, we aim to provide a user-centered gaming experience and contribute to the growth of the WEB3 gaming market.

Game Introduction

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    As numerous WEB3 gaming alternatives emerge, the choice of the MINE WARZ team is to create the most essential and original WEB3 game. We commit to not impose a dull or uninteresting experience on our users while being well aware of their desires.
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    MINE WARZ is a simple mining tycoon game, refined to its core essence by removing unnecessary aspects. You will have the opportunity to explore the world of MINE WARZ, where you can experience wealth accumulation by pioneering mines, extracting resources, and engaging in resource contests, all through a variety of PFP (Profile Picture) NFTs.
Envisioning a world where every PFP NFT is utilized, Mine Warz plans to reach you in the fourth quarter of 2023. Embrace the upcoming revolution in the gaming experience where the universe of NFTs becomes your playground.
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