MZ Token

MZ Token is a token issued to sustain the MINE WARZ ecosystem and to be used for various functions.

1. MINE WARZ Token Contract Address: cx72926867b340770eb0be4e4ef7c49d8a9b04d608

2. Total Supply: A total of 1 billion MZ Tokens will be issued.

3. Utilization of the MZ token: The MZ token connects with external systems and plays a role in maintaining its overall value. Players can utilize MZ tokens in various ways within the game at their discretion.

(1) Utilization of MZ Token

a. MZ tokens are used in MINE WARZ and are converted to Gold for in-game use. ยท The conversion rate between MZ Tokens and Gold is fixed, non-fluctuating and is set to a 1:10,000 ratio. b. An update is planned to allow MZ tokens to be used to purchase various items including mining rights. c. An update is planned to enable the staking of MZ tokens to obtain benefits useful in the game.

(2) Utilization of Gold

a. Used as a fee ยท All fees for each content in MINE WARZ are paid in Gold. ยท Fees are deducted when acquiring Gold in MINE WARZ. b. Used as an additional content fee ยท Used as a fee for additional attacks. ยท Used as a fee for revenge attacks. ยท Used as a fee for resetting attack targets. ยท Used as a material to raise the grade of mining rights. ยท Used to purchase various other items and passes.

The uses and fees for Gold are subject to change.

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